Immunohistochemistry in Selected Salivary Gland

This is a single component DAB reagent: all mixing and waste is 856-PX-COV-P054 eliminated.This reagent produces a crisp, clean, very intense stain that is free of unwanted background.

Deparaffinized sections on slides are places into the Processing (Tissue Slide) Chambers. Retriever can accommodate simultaneously from 1 to 6 Chambers, which allows you to process series of slides in up to 6 different antigen 856-PX-COV-P052
unmasking buffers within the same session. Fill the chambers with a buffer of your choice.

A single component reagent that is added to the DAB solution prior to incubation on the tissue section. One drop (50 microliters) of DAB Enhancer is added 820-PVT17263 to each one ml of DAB Substrate.